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Why I Started Tranquility Path Investment Advisors, LLC

Why I Started Tranquility Path Investment Advisors, LLC

When you think of your retirement, what images come to mind? Do you imagine white, sandy beaches and sunshine, spending all day in your garden or working on house projects, traveling around the world, spending time with your grandkids, or maybe enjoying a round of golf or spending time on your favorite hobby? While everyone’s vision for their retirement years will look different, most people would say they want this time to be peaceful and carefree, as much as possible, with the ability to choose how they spend their days without financial concerns or other worries. One word you might use to describe this ideal retirement life is “tranquil.” 

That’s the idea I had in mind when I started Tranquility Path Investment Advisors. The name comes from Renoir’s painting titled Tranquility Path. This is exactly what our firm aims to provide for our clients: a tranquil path to retirement by creating a solid retirement plan, with an income you can depend on, so you don’t have to worry about finances and are free to focus on the things that matter most to you. 

Starting My Career

My own path to starting this firm was not always so tranquil, however. Having earned my MBA from the University of Massachusetts, I became a financial advisor in 1985 and then went on to earn my CFP® designation in 1990. I started my career working for several large, well-known financial institutions. While this was a valuable experience, it seemed that the primary objective of these companies was to sell as many products as possible, to as many people as possible. I quickly learned that they did not necessarily have the clients’ best interests in mind, only their own. This did not sit well with me, and eventually, I realized I would need to find a new way to advise clients if I was going to continue working as a financial advisor. 

I’ve always believed in the philosophy that the client’s needs come first, and I didn’t want to work in an environment where I felt pressured to sell all the time, at the expense of what was best for the client. I knew I was called to represent a higher standard—and that’s why I started Tranquility Path Investment Advisors.  

Forging My Own Path

When I started this firm, my primary objective was to offer financial and retirement planning services in a way that felt sincere. I want our clients to know that we care about them and feel they can trust us and are comfortable with the solutions we provide them. 

Not long after founding Tranquility Path Investment Advisors, my son-in-law, Oscar J. Casas, Jr., joined me, and together we serve pre-retirees, retirees, and younger professionals who are looking ahead to retirement. 

Our philosophy is, and always will be, to put the clients’ needs before our own. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are held to the fiduciary level of service and are committed to seeing our clients’ retirement plans succeed. We also strive to prevent clients from making costly mistakes with their retirement savings and help them to have confidence in their retirement income plan. Our clients truly become like family to us because we walk alongside them through life’s ups and downs, forming a relationship based on trust and transparency. It’s very satisfying when we see our clients becoming more comfortable with our process and confident that they will achieve the financial goals they have set. We know we have done our job well when we have helped our clients pave the way to a tranquil retirement. 

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your retirement and want to work with a trusted advisor to help you create a solid plan for your financial future, we are here for you. Whether you’ve already started planning or have yet to put strategies in place, we encourage you to reach out to us today for a no-obligation conversation to discuss your goals and see if we can help. 

Schedule an introductory meeting online or reach out to us at (908) 759-6322. 

About Henry

Henry Zupko is president and founder at Tranquility Path Investment Advisors, an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to putting its clients first, always. With over 30 years of experience, Henry sets the direction of the firm, manages, and in many cases personally interacts with clients to help develop financial strategies that set them on a tranquil retirement path. He is passionate about being a trusted partner to his clients, developing long-lasting relationships so he can guide them through life’s milestones, twists, and turns. In all he does, Henry strives to make a positive impact on others and help change their lives for the better. 

Henry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Henry is a proud Eagle Scout who loves traveling the world and spoiling his grandchildren. To learn more about Henry, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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