Retirement Distribution Planning

Retirement Distribution Planning

The approach we take to investing is quite different than many financial advisors.  In fact, developing and implementing workable strategies for individuals transitioning to the retirement, or “Distribution Phase,” of their financial lives requires an additional skill set than advisors only focused on your “Accumulation Phase,” where the goal and objective is to accumulate assets.

The rules for Retirement Income Planning are complex and sometimes burdensome.  It is easy to make a mistake when dealing with IRA and retirement plan distributions.  These types of plans can be riddled with income tax and penalty traps that often appear hidden. 

Inherited IRA accounts are also treated differently, having their own set of complex rules, along with a completely unique set of Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirements.

It is even easier to make a mistake when applying for Social Security benefits, which can inadvertently result in leaving hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table over the course of a lifetime.

This is especially true for married individuals, divorced people, and those who have lost their spouse.   

Our clients want to be sure that their retirement plans and other investments are positioned in a proper and suitable manner in order to better meet their personal and family needs for many years to come.  They also want this attention at the Fiduciary level of client care, to which each and every one of us at Tranquility Path makes that commitment to you.