How We Invest

How We Invest

Tranquility Path Investment Advisors, LLC follows a carefully designed academic approach to investing.  We use the highly regarded strategies of Free Market Portfolio Theory, the Fama-French 3-Factor Model, and other disciplines that are firmly grounded in the academic research of the past 60 years.

In essence, we use science supported by history.

Ours is a Passive Academic Investment approach, which goes beyond traditional indexing or old-fashioned buy and hold strategies. Using these modern techniques, our objective is to provide our clients with an approach to help them find and enjoy their own personal true purpose for money.

As part of our commitment to you, we hold Private Investor Education Events to help educate our valuable clients and their friends and relatives. We select topics that are of interest to retirees, individuals planning to retire, and those who have recently left their employment and are concerned that their retirement plans may not provide the outcome they desire.

If you would like to receive an invitation to any of our upcoming Private Investor Education Events, just let us know.

Here’s What We Do: 

  • We own equities and fixed income
  • We diversify very heavily among the equity asset classes
  • We rebalance periodically. In other words, we use a disciplined system to sell high and to buy low.
  • And most importantly, we stay disciplined in good times and in bad.

Here’s What We Don’t Do: 

  • We are not stock brokers or stock pickers. In other words, we do not gamble or speculate on stocks that somebody else thinks will do well in the future.
  • We do not chase yesterday’s winners. Choosing investments based on past performance is not a reliable winning strategy.
  • We do not try to “time the market.” In our experience, systems that tell you when to get into and when to get out of the markets simply do not work over the long run.