What To Expect

What To Expect

Many first-time visitors to our office are often surprised at the amount of time and the level of detail we allocate when developing an appropriate retirement distribution strategy on their behalf.

Gone are the days when a client would just phone the office and tell the advisor to buy this stock or that, or to invest in this bond or the other one. Or the other way around, where the advisor incessantly phones the client and suggests that they sell or buy whatever was bought or sold last time around.

Financial Planning has developed into a profession.

When you arrive at our office for the first time, you will quickly see that the purpose of our initial meeting is to get to know each other, and to gather information.

Basically, our first meeting is a fact-finding session.  We will have lots of questions for you regarding your current situation, as well as your aspirations, and we will strive to determine the level of risk you feel that you can comfortably accept. 

You, of course, will have lots of questions for us, so that you can determine for yourselves whether our approach, techniques, and methodologies can realistically help you meet your goals and objectives.

Experience has shown that you will find it very helpful to bring complete copies of your current investment, 401(k), IRA, annuity, Social Security (if applicable), life insurance, and similar statements to that initial meeting for review.

At no time during our first meeting will one of our Investment Advisor Representatives ask you to commit to a strategy or to “sign on the dotted line.”  That would clearly be premature.

But at the conclusion of our initial meeting, if we all agree that it would be to your benefit, we will ask if you would like us to prepare an analysis, and to develop specific recommendations.  Only then would we would schedule one or more additional meetings where we would have very specific ideas for your consideration and implementation.